Why Enjoyment per Square Foot is Important

Why Enjoyment per Square Foot is Important

I recently had the pleasure of working with out of state buyers, relocating for work and also expecting their first child. Our first few weekends of looking make me quickly realize one half of the couple was very focused on price per square foot . As a CPA in my previous life, this was music to my ears. Crunching numbers and showing homes are two of my favorite past times. We continued meeting and looking and I began to notice the other half of the couple was becoming very discouraged with the home buying process. I took them to lunch and explained that while making a wise investment was important they also needed to consider the enjoyment and happiness that a new home for their expanding family would bring them. We went out that afternoon with a slightly different approach and considered both price AND enjoyment per square foot while touring homes. A few weeks later we identified a home to purchase, ( the couple agreed that it was a good compromise for their slightly different thought processes) and I was able to solve a tricky math problem. Next time you are shopping for a home I hope you consider both sides of the equation. 

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