Arizona’s Shift to Sustainable Living

Arizona’s Shift to Sustainable Living

Amongst its blue-skies and sun-drenched landscapes, Arizona is making a shift towards sustainable housing that not only embraces the desert's natural beauty but also harnesses innovative technologies to create a cooler, more energy-efficient future. With more Energy Star-Certified homes (must meet strict energy efficient requirements) than any other state, Arizona is helping lead the charge towards eco-friendly living.

Benefits of Owning Eco-Friendly Homes


Owners of eco-friendly homes can experience… Say it with me… PEACE OF MIND! Lower energy bills, less maintenance, and a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, eco-friendly homes use non-toxic materials and ventilation systems which create a healthier indoor environment. By blending innovation and nature, eco-friendly homes offer a refreshing oasis while minimizing your costs and stressors in Arizona’s unique landscape.


What Effect Does Arizona’s Temperature Have?


Naturally for you Phoenicians out there, the first concern is can these homes endure the extreme summer temperatures? Not only can eco-friendly homes endure this environment, they thrive in it. Eco-friendly homes feature energy-efficient insulation and HVAC systems that mitigate heat transfer and reduce energy consumption during extreme heat. Additionally, reflective roofing material and Xeriscaping (use of native plants to reduce water usage) minimize the absorption of heat to keep living spaces cool during those summer months.


Arizona’s Water Shortage, How Sustainable Living Can Help


Water scarcity in Arizona is a pressing concern, amplified by its dependence on the Colorado River basin that has been slowly diminishing (loss of over 10 trillion gallons from 2000-2021). The push to build in ways that require less water, less energy and that generate less heat is upon us. By adopting simple water-saving practices like Xeriscaping and efficient irrigation, we as Phoenicians not only address scarcity, but support a more sustainable future for the state.


Where Can I Find Eco-Friendly Homes in Arizona?


Below, I've included a list of links where you can discover a range of eco-friendly homes and notable eco-friendly builders in Arizona. Explore these options to find residences that harmonize sustainability with modern living, fostering a greener future in the Grand Canyon State.


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